GNOME 2014 is a one-day symposium in honour of Gaston Gonnet's retirement. The symposium took place on 4 July 2014 at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

The symposium was open to all and included previous and current colleagues, students and friends. Here is a link to the group photo.

Contribution to the festschrift is open to both attendees and non-attendees.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Dr. Maria Anisimova (ETH Zurich and Institute of Applied Simulations, ZHAW)
  • Prof. Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Yahoo Labs Barcelona)
  • Prof. Amos Bairoch (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)
  • Prof. Niko Beerenwinkel (ETH Zurich)
  • Prof. Steven Benner (Foundation for Advanced Molecular Evolution, USA)
  • Dr. Laurent Bernardin (MapleSoft, Waterloo, Canada)
  • Prof. Felipe Cucker (City University Hong Kong)
  • Dr. Christophe Dessimoz (University College London)
  • Prof. Walter Gander (ETH Zurich and Baptist University Hong Kong)
  • Prof. Michael Monagan (Simon Fraser University)
  • Prof. Bernard Moret (EPFL)
  • Dr. Chantal Roth (Life Technologies)
  • Prof. Joachim von zur Gathen (University of Bonn)
  • Prof. Nivio Ziviani (Federal University of Minas Gerais)
  • … and of course Prof. Gaston Gonnet!

Symposium poster: gnome-poster.pdf

We acknowledge the generous support from the following organisations:

Photo credit: Bill Rosgen, CC-BY-NC